Oh my god is a Brussels-based theatre company founded in 2010 by Lula Béry and Barbara Sylvain as part of an ongoing process of lengthy reflection and experimentation geared to developing a stage language whose diversity of form reflects the contemporary world, history and all its ups-and-downs, the here-and-now of the stage and the troubled ‘stuff’ of human nature. With interests ranging from the anthropological road movie to historical inquiry, body movement and the butterfly effect, the company rummages at will through archives and museums, drawing on whatever is out there, constructing hybrid forms to deliver up to the audience the result of its research and investigations. Its inaugural piece It’s so nice is a double act created and performed by its two artistic directors.

Board of directors

Gaëtan Vandeplas (Chairman)
Aurélien Baudinaux
Maro Korsch
Fabienne Laumonier