Lula Béry

Born in the suburbs of Paris, grew up in Nancy, Valence and Paris.
Settled in Brussels in 1991 and graduated from INSAS in 1994. Participated in the 95 edition of the Ecole des Maîtres with Alfredo Arias, Dario Fo and Anatoli Vassiliev.

As an actress took part in various creative events and tours with French- and Dutch-speaking producers: Dirk Opstaele (Ensemble Leporello),  Vital Schraenen, Patrice Bigel, Xavier Lukomski, Jan Ruts, Carmen Blanco Principal and Monica Klinger, Charlie Degotte, Transquinquennal, Dominique Tack, Frédéric Roels, Didier Payen and Isabelle Marcellin, Craig Weston, Dominique Serron, the Clinic Orgasm Society.

As a video artist worked with the actor/performer Bernard van Eeghem in De (E)migranten, produced by De Werf for Brugge 2002.
Created La passion selon… a short film screened at the Cinema Nova in 2007 and as part of the exhibition Les Mystères de la vie at the Ecurie/RTT in 2008.

Co-founded the company Oh my god in 2010 with Barbara Sylvain, with whom she created It’s so nice.